Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine – #RWJA2016

If you are looking for a dining experience with a difference, Beirut is just the place for you. Located in restaurant hub Marketplace; this delightfully decorated restaurant offers a calming atmosphere and a charming theme. With a menu filled with authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Beirut also sports a friendly and dedicated staff. Now, let’s put you on to some Lebanese dishes.



Made from chick peas, this is quite a popular dish in Mediterranean countries and tonight we definitely found out why. Even though it’s the simple taste of chick peas and olive oil, it was far from bland. We paired it with pita bread and it gave life to bread making it an amazing duo.


Mixed Grill

The mixed grill had a variety of meats including beef and chicken that were seasoned to the core. Both the beef and chicken were soft and succulent and melted in your mouth which left a great impression on us. The mixed grill was served with a Fattoush salad that complimented the meats so well.



This was a beautifully refreshing spin on salad. Made with a perfect blend of vegetables and toasted Arabic bread, the textures partied on our palettes and left us hungry and ready for our main course.



These deep fried balls of pure succulence were an amazing starter. Presented on a beautifully garnished platter and served with a light sauce, the appetizer was an impeccable balance of textures with a superb flavourful finish.


Shawarma Chicken

With a serving of fries, a liberal accompaniment of fattoush and a beautiful adornment of parsley, the Shawarma chicken was an incredible blend of piquancy. The meal was presented with tahini sauce which complimented the well-seasoned roasted chicken. The entrée was not only visually pleasing, but it was very filling.


Spinach in Tomato Sauce

Served with a generous amount of Vermicelli Rice and fattoush, the soupy consistency of Spinach in tomato sauce was quite an interesting taste. The dish was lightly garnished with parsley and came together well with a blend of flavours that any foodie could appreciate.



Just when we thought desserts couldn’t get any more interesting, Baklawa batted for six and made a lasting impression. The rich sweet taste of honey which encased a variety of minced nuts was a welcomed difference to the pastry experience. With a dash of unsweetened chocolate, this was an unexpected taste of decadence.


Chocolate cake

The chocolate cake was a chocolate fest! Chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting with chocolate chips and filling. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect treat for you. Usually too much chocolate can leave a bitter taste but this was not the case with this dessert, it was simply mouth-watering.


Be sure to stop by for Restaurant Week & beyond!


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