Kushite’s Vegetable Cuisine – #RWJA2016

Located in the mystic beauty of Eden Gardens, the next stop on our Restaurant Week journey led the team to Kushite’s Vegetable Cuisine. The first thing that caught the Team’s eye was the decor of Kushite’s which was a very clean and simple look which was also warm and made you feel welcome. The servers were pleasant & helpful, and ready to cater to our every whim with a smile.

Callaloo soup

The flavors of this dish stayed true to its name. A soup filled with finely chopped callaloo bits and hints of seaweed leaves, gave this soup a mixture of earthy flavors and a taste of the sea.

Ackee with Jerk Breadfruit


This was hands down the favorite of the day. The elements of this dish was a perfect marriage of flavours & spices that has you feeling more than satisfied. The best part of this dish was Kushites’ Kelewele plantain, which was packed with spices such as pepper and delicate hints of ginger. The plantain especially complimented the ackee, so be sure to have them as a pairing for the full experience. The touch of the small pieces of corn were also exciting to the palate as there was a special sauce added to the corn which resembled a distant cousin of Teriyaki sauce.

Lemongrass Lemonade
We know what you’re thinking, Lemonade: Yes, Lemongrass: HUH? No thanks. Well, kudos to Kushite’s Vegetable Cuisine on their signature drink  because this drink was one of the most refreshing that the team has had in a while. The scent of the lemongrass caresses your nose right before you take a sip and prepare to be amazed by the subtle sweetness and tang of this lemonade.

Curried Pumpkin Sambusa


This was a beautifully presented triangular pastry type finger food garnished with mango slices and served with a sweet and tangy sorrel sauce. The crust was a light and sweet pastry like dough that had a significant crunch to it. It served as a sturdy base for the pumpkin that had a rich herby taste as it was seasoned with natural spices. The pumpkin was creamy and went well with sorrel sauce as it gave a pleasant tangy flavour adding an interesting contrast between the herbed pumpkin and the light crust.

Jamaican Jerk Pita Burger with Sweet Potato Piri Piri Chips


The pita burger was tender and had the unique earthy pita flavour that is unmistakable. It was blended with a subtle spice that brought out its bold flavour. Adorned between a sliced wheat loaf, melded with lettuce tomato and cucumber you might not notice its vegan. Being vegan, there was no cheese, dairy or any soy products that really solidified their message of health and a nutritious lifestyle. The burger was also served with a sorrel sauce that added the moisture to the burger as it is served without any sauce. The sweet zing from the sorrel sauce kicked up the flavours of the burger a notch, making the experience a bit more heavenly. The Piri Piri chips were spicy and packed a hefty punch. They had a definite pepper taste but they weren’t uncomfortable to eat.

Chocolate Cupcakes Topped with Ice Cream


Vegan no bake dessert was a fruity blissful blend of coconut granola like crust stuffed with banana and mango slices topped with a creamy berry sauce with drizzles of fruit sauces. Their signature is serving desserts with a hot chocolate to settle the body and stimulate digestion to make the dining experience a comfortable one. The fruity no bake blend was a refreshing end to the three-course dining experience. The fruits cleansed your palate, while keeping it light and sweet which is the best feeling while having guilt free dessert.

Hot Chocolate


This hot chocolate reminded us of cold nights at grandma’s house. With the shreds the coco fruit boiled down to give the richest chocolate flavour, this hot chocolate is one not to forget. Served in a tall glass whipped to perfection, the chefs at Kushite’s are determined to give you more than the average dining restaurant experience.


Contributing Writers : Kai Tapper & Robyn Leveridge

Editor : Denille Ashwood

Photography by : Fabian Blake

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