OMG Restaurant & Coffee Bar

Tucked away in the cool city of  Mandeville, the OMG Restaurant and Coffee Bar is a cozy setup that is great for a night out with friends or family. The restaurant sports two seating areas with separate fortes and a knowledgeable staff that is eager to assist. Upon entry you are greeted by the employees and introduced to the Coffee Bar’s dine-in which is nicely lit and modern-themed. Additionally, upstairs there is a more conservative dining area whose setup is intricate and intimate in design. However, before you venture into the parish of Manchester, let us wow you with some meal options.


Callaloo Roll


Wrapped in a tender lasagne noodle, steaming minced Callaloo leaves topped with a perfect cheese melt danced atop our taste buds. The Callaloo roll which was served in a generous amount of tomato sauce was done to perfection and almost had us forgetting about meat.

Fried Calamari


OMG Restaurant did not disappoint with this appetizer. The fried pieces of squid were nestled in a crunchy fried shell with a dollop of sweet and spicy tomato salsa poured into the shell and drizzled on top. There were subtle hints of garlic and other familiar herbs that added a punch but the sweet and spicy tomato salsa brought it to the next level, surrounding each piece with a blanket of smooth contrast.

Corn Blinis


 This was truly an interesting appetizer. Here, your fluffy familiar pancakes are topped with a corn sauce sprinkled with corn grains.  The corn based toppings adds a whole new flavour category that surprisingly sat well with us.


Parmesan Crusted Fish


As just one of the exciting entrée options from our final stop for restaurant week, Parmesan Crusted Fish was an interesting twist to the average fish plate. This thinly sliced tender butter fish fillet was covered in a heaping of parmesan cheese that brought life to the dish, perfect for pescetarian. Served alongside a fluffy mound of creamy mashed potatoes and brightly steamed vegetables this dish will be a truly rare and unique experience.

Grilled Maple Mustard Chicken Breast


You’ve never had chicken breasts done right if you haven’t tried this. The chicken was grilled tender and coated with an impeccable mix of flavours as the maple mustard seeped in. Served with glorious, steamy creamed potatoes and lightly steamed veggies, this dish was easily a complete pleaser.


Funnel Cake with Fruit Topping


Imagine donuts, fruit cocktails and whipped cream combined. If you could, you would know that this dessert was definitely a treasured treat. The crunchy nested funnel cake base, topped with fruits and whipped cream was an amazing texture combination that did not disappoint.

Ice cream served in Waffle Bowl


Not too fancy but it was far from bland. This was by far the best Vanilla ice-cream we have had all week. Served in a light crunchy waffle dish and topped with a rosy red cherry, this dessert was a tasty delight.

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