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Fromage Brasserie is now open & ready for business! For weeks, they teased us with photos of their new location and rocking dishes to be served as soon as their doors opened. We were invited to try it all out and of course (as usual) Fromage did not disappoint!

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First up – drinks!  We had our regular blended favorites: Frozen Strawberry Lemonade and a Frozen Passion fruit Lemonade, which were divine! The best gifts come in the most unique packages; and the Fromage specialty, Birds of Paradise, definitely fit the bill. We were pleasantly surprised by our cocktail being presented in a brass pineapple.Now let’s get to the menu options!


Chicken Alfredo Sliders


Sliders are normally a good choice for quick dining and are even better as a strong starter. Fromage moved away from the expected option of beef sliders with varying toppings to introduce their customer to the house creation, the Chicken Alfredo sliders. The meal consists of three sliders of tender chicken tussled in the creamy alfredo sauce. The buns were fresh and soft and complimented the meat wonderfully. It was a delicious and a lovely change from the usual menu option.

Pesto Pasta


If you love a good spicy pasta that isn’t too cheesy this is the perfect fit for you! This fresh al dente penne pasta stuck true to its name as you had the delicate hints of basil and a kick of crushed pepper topped with Parmesan cheese. If you prefer a pasta dish in which cheese isn’t the center of attention then this is a good choice for you.


Farmhouse Burger


What makes a Farmhouse burger more special than your average burger? The answer is simple, crispy onion rings, a fried egg and it was made at Fromage Brasserie. Thick, juicy patty with bold flavors complimented perfectly by the crisp of the onion rings and fried egg. Definitely a filling option.

Chicken Pesto Pizza


Gourmet pizzas usually aren’t filling and offer very little excitement to your palette. However, this Gourmet Chicken Pesto Pizza from Fromage Brasserie was the complete opposite. Thick slices of sausage and chunks of well-seasoned chicken covered in hot ooey gooey cheese … what’s not to love? But everybody knows what makes a good Pizza, the dough. Rolled thin and cooked to perfection with a bit of char/crunch; this was one unforgettable pizza.


Chicken and waffles 


Crunchy!Crunchy!Crunchy! That’s all we can say! Lightly seasoned and coated in a mixture of what many would say came from the crunch gods themselves, this fried chicken was superb. Cooked but not dry and paired with a sweet maple syrup based sauce that mmm mmm good! We could’ve done well with another serving of the accompanying waffles, as they were good to the very last bite! The waffles were soft and offered a surprise in the form of cheese mixed throughout.  Another win for Fromage!

Seafood Risotto


A unique entree option was the seafood risotto. This colourful dish was a blend of shellfish and rice, cooked with a telling white wine and decorated with edible coriander. The flavourful wine was prominent from the first bite as every corner of the dish sang its notes. The shellfish present were tender and also visually appealing as a few clam and mussel shells decorated the plate. The shrimps weren’t left out as they added to the overall flavour profile. Absolutely delicious if you have a sophisticated pallet.



This Italian dessert is definitely one of our favorites and we are glad it made it to this menu. A sweet treat to end an amazing night! Smooth, creamy & just enough espresso.

Be sure to stop by Fromage Brasserie for your next date night!


Contributing Writers : Robyn Leveridge, Denille Ashwood, Kai Tapper & Jamilia Samuels

Edited by : Trishana Russell

Photography : Fabian Blake









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