Flamin’ Wok

Mandeville’s very own oriental pearl, Flamin’ Wok, is open and ready for business! Your favourite authentic Chinese cuisine is now available for both dining and take-out and The Food Herald couldn’t wait to stop by and experience the ‘Asian persuasion’ first-hand! Between the soothing, low oriental music and the creative Chinese-themed decor, we couldn’t decide which was homier while enjoying a hearty lunch at Flamin’ Wok.




Let’s get to eating! How can you go out for Chinese and not get the classic appetizers? We tried a wonton soup, fried wontons & spring rolls. The fried wontons were accompanied by a sweet and tangy sauce that had us swooning! This was nothing less than a perfect start to our amazing lunch.

Special Fried Rice


This was definitely a favorite from the team! What made this dish special was the jumbo shrimp, BBQ pork & chicken inside. Definitely filling enough to have alone, however, there are so many delicious menu options it would be hard to opt to have one dish.

Mallah Tofu


Vegetarians, this one is for you! Mallah Tofu is certainly a unique menu option that got us very excited and didn’t disappoint. While tofu options are usually a few small squares in a sea of sauce, the chef at Flamin’ Wok was extremely generous with the portions. We were able to savour the succulent tofu squares to our heart’s desire.
Special Chow Mein


Another classic and a perfect option for a quick lunchtime snack. This dish was jam-packed with sizeable chunks of chicken and lots of tasty veggies. And let’s not even talk about the portions!

Sweet & Sour Chicken


Flamin’ Wok’s twist on this classic dish was definitely not what we expected but we were certainly pleased. This dish features succulent chicken bites in a crispy batter, covered in a sharp sweet & sour sauce.

Orange Shrimp


Definitely the most charismatic dish of the afternoon! Served hot and ready, these juicy pieces of jumbo shrimp were coated in a crunchy batter and served with an enchanting sweet and tangy sauce. This spunky option comes packed with a lot of personality and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Contributing Writers: Denille Ashwood & Trishauna Russell

Edited by: Trishauna Russell

Photography by: Romario Lynch

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