Rib, Roast & Rum – The Ultimate Backyard BBQ

With food events becoming increasingly popular, The Food Herald gets to delve into a lot more outdoor cuisine. Our most recent culinary fest was Rib, Roast, Rum and More and it sure did not disappoint. Set up in a perfectly spacious venue and themed to be the ultimate backyard BBQ, this event dished us succulent servings of flavorful fun neatly wrapped in a warm blanket of entertainment. As media personnel, sponsors, families and foodies turned out to revel in the endless selections of mini meals, the event began to live up to it’s name.


We skipped from tent to tent to get a taste of all the good stuff and it would have been impossible to choose a favorite. From appetizer to dessert options, our nostrils partook in an aroma fiesta whilst our taste buds twirled in admiration. Pastas, pork, soups and ice cream. There was something for every palette preference and patrons were pleased.


We started out at The Sip booth with a cup of mannish water.  The soup was superb. The perfect appetizer as it was light, spicy and flavorful but not only did it leave us craving another serving, we were now on E to be gassed up by the sizzling fuels that surrounded us. Our second stop was the CPJ Foods booth where a deliciously meaty marinara was being served alongside a creamy seafood fettuccine.


We had the privilege of watching these dishes being chef’d up and trust us when we say they tasted as great as the process looked. As we danced around the venue, we came to a halt at yet another booth  labeled “Di Trough” and we were blown away by the pleasant porky options that soon highlighted our night. On their menu was Mango barbecued pigtails, jerked pork and ribs. Lots and lots of ribs. We taste tested the honey barbecue ribs and fell into a wondrous trance. A trance that was knocked over by the introduction of a soft and well seasoned jerked pork and cocooned by an amazing mango barbecue blend. Served with bammy and breadfruit of the most tongue-teasing texture, this booth was every pork lover’s dream.


Be not misguided, it really was a lot more than the usual being served up. We had the privilege to nosh down some creamy cinnamon sweet corn served with beef brisket which reminded us of home. Crunchy, sweet and super noteworthy. It was a party in our mouths. We stopped by the farm yard and got an interesting spin on the traditional “chicken foot” that they called Pepper Steppers and we can definitely vouch for the name. Dessert was just as good as the main course, props to Kerrygold and Kremi Ice Cream.


Part one of a three part series, we can definitely say Rib, Roast, Rum and More was a success. Look out for their upcoming hosting which will undoubtedly be packed with impeccable entertainment. Be sure not to miss another one.


Writer : Chevanese Tulloch

Photographs : Romario Lynch

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