Eve’s Pasta Supreme : – A premium experience!

Eve’s Pasta Supreme; one of the most anticipated events this summer expected to open the season with a bang! The Food Herald passed through to ensure we got the whole thing down to an experience and it was great. This staging was their second and could easily be coined as a bigger success than last year’s debut. With the venue full, chefs and organizers kick-started the proceedings as patrons itched to try the magnificent pasta dishes that had been advertised.
The event featured 10 restaurants; Great House Catering, A-bar Restaurant and Lounge, Ribbiz, 876 Terrace and Akafe just to name a few. Of course, we weren’t limited to pastas! Smoothies, fruit salads, soup, breads and deserts were all being served up and everyone was fully indulged. The smoothies served by Serge seemed to be a crowd pleaser as it was in high demand and the line never shrunk. From the Strawberry Banana shake to the Mint Banana Coconut shake and Rummy Egg Nog, the people just could just not have enough.

The venue setup could have been better considering that the few benches that were provided for patrons seemed to be placed at random though this detail was quickly overlooked. Entertainment was served up as a side too. The event featured a paint and sip booth set up for the VIP patrons who seemed to enjoy their exclusivity as they were serenaded by the musical selections of Aisha Davis and more.


You really just want to hear about the food right? Let’s get to the pastas! It was hard but we were able to choose our top 3 restaurants from this event. The crowd favorite along with ours was definitely Great House Catering, Ribbiz and 876 Terrace.


We tried the Jerked Chicken Callaloo Lasagna from Great House Catering. Initially,
we were skeptical when we heard that callaloo was in the mix of ingredients but this
dish proved to be one of the best selections for the night. The jerked chicken had the right amount of spices that worked to complement the callaloo and cheese. Additionally, our servers were friendly and welcoming which made us want to come back for more, even after the food had already left a mark on us.


876 Terrace served us a Cheesy Buffalo Pasta. As a lover of spicy foods, this dish sounded amazing to me and it certainly was astounding. This was definitely one for the books and stunned our taste buds with the degree of spiciness it held. It had the perfect combination of Alfredo cheese and buffalo sauce. We’re definitely voting to put this on menus islandwide.

Now we’re down to the dish that stole the show. Ribbiz gave us an amazing Smoked Pork Pineapple Pasta. This was a very easy win, good thing it wasn’t a competition. Our team went back for seconds and thirds! The pasta was well done and served in a creamy
pineapple sauce which was just the right level of sweet, though the dish didn’t have as much pork as we’d have liked, as there was an abundance of pineapples for us pineapple lovers. We’re definitely counting down till Pasta Supreme’s 3rd staging.


Written by : Judi Watson

Edited by : Chevanese Tulloch

Photographs by : Romario Lynch #SeenByLynch

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