Kudos to Kushite’s Vegetable Cuisine!

Kushite’s is the perfect place to treat yourself. Not just in body but the mind as well. The gracious surroundings and impeccable customer service (Thanks Ashleigh!) gives you a sedative feeling that prepares both you and your palate for a captivating evening. With their décor and unique menu options, Kushite’s Vegetable Cuisine is high up on our “Must Try” list. Let’s share what we had.

Sweet n’ Sour Balls ($1,900 JMD)


Definitely a favorite of the night; Sweet n Sour Balls with black and brown stir fried rice! Kushite’s signature is in the quality of their flavors and spices in each dish, the balls were fierce pockets of spices (and a kick of heat) making for a pleasant surprise. The pineapple sauce stood strong on its own and paired fluently with the balls (or spheres as we like to call it). Kushite’s crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s with this dish from the exquisite presentation to the rollercoaster of flavors. Don’t think for a second that the salad was just ordinary! It too was a big contender of the evening as it tasted just as seasoned as the rest of the dish.


Zucchini Lasagne ($2,000 JMD)

_MG_8025 (1)

This dish was a shocker. Zucchini Lasagna, which was fully uncooked! A unique and delectable dish; you don’t miss the fire with this enticing combination of well-rounded flavors between the vegan nut-cheese and the fresh home-grown veggie picks. Give it a try on your next visit!

Curried Eggplant Masala with Cassava ($2,000 JMD)


The star of this dish was the richness of the curry which did all the hard work in bringing out the overall flavor. Served with small squares of perfectly steamed potatoes and eggplant and a side of firm cassava bammies, soaked to the core in curry.

Vanilla Mocha Latte ($800 JMD)


Coffee never tasted so pure! A smooth, creamy and chocolatey satisfaction for coffee and non-coffee drinkers alike. What makes this latte stand out is the strong accent of the vanilla flavor.

Strawberry Waffles


Of course we had to have dessert! A gluten and sugar-free delight topped with fresh strawberries and mango bites with a spill of agave syrup, giving you a sweet surprise. Kushite’s never dissatisfies. You should give them a try.


Writer : Kai Tapper

Editor : Chevanese Tulloch

Photography by : Romario Lynch #SeenByLynch



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  1. Oh yes, tried them for the first time recently as well. The customer service is very refreshing, not to mention the ambiance and tasty healthy meals!


    1. Yes! Definitely an experience worth writing about.

      Liked by 1 person

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