Ali’s Roti Shop – #RWJA2017

Our restaurant week journey continues!  On the first night of Restaurant week we had dinner in Japan – day two,  we had lunch in Trinidad! We stopped by Ali’s Roti Shop to see what they had in store for the “Trinis” at heart.


Our experience wouldn’t be an authentic Trini one if we didn’t try the famous Doubles – a sandwich made with tasty curried channa (chickpeas) and warm baras (fried flat bread). Ali’s Roti Shop really impressed us with this one!

Doubles – Ali’s Roti Shop -#RWJA2017


We also tried the Ali’s Delectable! 

Curried goat served with mango chutney and aloo pie. It was absolutely delicious! A flavorful, generous serving of curried goat, served with warm roti – name a better pair, I dare you! 


Ali’s Delectable – Ali’s Roti Shop -#RWJA2017
A serving of Roti – Ali’s Roti Shop

Next up was the Veggie Supreme.

A perfect vegetarian lunch option. This delectable dish came loaded with curried potato, sweet mango chutney, curried channa and pumpkin takari – and a healthy serving of pholourie. Who knew “Trini” came in so many flavours?

Veggie Supreme – Ali’s Roti Shop – #RWJA2017
Serving of pholourie – Ali’s Roti Shop – #RWJA2017


Be sure to visit Ali’s Roti Shop for lunch and try some of these enticing Trinidadian dishes during restaurant week & beyond. We promise they’ll hit a six every time.  Visit for more details.


Contributing writers : Denille Ashwood & Trishana Russell

Editor : Trishana Russell

Photographs : Romario Lynch #SeenByLynch




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