8 Spices Restaurant – #RWJA2017

Our foodie travels took our palettes to Japan, then Trinidad, but there is definitely no place like home. Last night, we took a visit to the newly opened 8 Spices Restaurant, for that yaadie flavor we can’t resist. The appetizers that stood out the most were the Ackee & Saltfish Spring Rolls & the Rum Barbecue Wings.


Rum Barbecue Wings


Crispy wings tossed in a rum barbecue sauce! What more can we say? As far as wings go, these were good! While the rum was a bit lost in the sauce, the chicken itself was flavorful and was an exceptional start to the evening.


Ackee & Saltfish Spring Rolls


Warm ackee & saltfish inside crispy wrappers. A Jamaican twist to a Chinese dish, executed perfectly. The light drizzle of sweet & sour sauce will have you licking your fingers. Our only complaint was that it was finished too quickly…we just couldn’t get enough!


Whilst other restaurants offer a three course meal for Restaurant Week, 8 Spices Restaurant offers four! So after your delicious appetizers, you’re offered a soup or salad. However our team jumped right into the main course!


Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork Platter


If you’re a fan of smoky, spicy jerk flavours then this platter was made for you! While the rub was pretty spicy, it’s nothing a sip of water couldn’t cure. The platter is served with your choice of hardo bread or festival. The festivals were to DIE for – slightly salty, crispy and the perfect accompaniment.


Sweet Scotch Bonnet Chicken and Shrimp Pasta 


What’s more Jamaican than scotch bonnet pepper? Don’t make the same mistake we did, ask your server for “mild” if you can’t take the heat. We enjoyed a very generous serving of shrimp & chicken. This dish was a bowl of flavours truly close to home. This dish was a bowl of flavours truly close to home.


Jamaican Coffee Infused Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream & Scotch Bonnet Brittle


Warm, gooey, sweet, and chocolaty – all perfect adjectives to describe this go-to dessert. Between the warm brownie and the cold vanilla ice cream, our taste buds were in tasty heaven.


Pineapple Coconut Bread Pudding Drizzled with Jamaican Rum Cream Sauce 


An excellent option if you don’t have a super sweet tooth. A timeless Caribbean classic, with a fiery twist!


Our experience at 8 Spices Restaurant and Bar is a true testament to the old cliché – there’s just no place like home.


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