Kushite’s Vegetable Cuisine – #RWJA2017

The Food Herald is no stranger to Kushites Vegetable Cuisine… We love the ambiance, decor and the service never disappoints. If you want to try something new that’s revitalizing and healthy, then you definitely want to make sure Kushites is one of your Restaurant Week stops! They fall into the Nyam & Scram category, inclusive of an appetizer, entree and dessert for $2,350.

Grandma’s Kitchen





This 3-course meal will have you feeling right at home. A hearty red peas soup as the appetizer and a vegan twist on some Jamaican staples like bammy and festival – you won’t miss the escoveitched fish with the mushroom substitute. The crunchiness of the festivals and mushrooms were delightful and if you want an extra kick of flavour, don’t hesitate to dip them in the bammy’s brown stew sauce. To really seal the deal of Grandma’s Kitchen, expect more vegan delights of ice cream topped chocolate cake and some chocolate tea to wash it all down.



If you adore tons of spices and seasoning, this is the menu choice for you. The airy and crunchy spicy pumpkin sambusas really live up to their name. What really makes this appetizer delicious is the sorrel jam/dip that really gives your tastebuds a balance between sweet and spicy. Expect any curry dish you get at Kushites to be extremely rich! The Curried Dahl Stew was abundant in both flavour and texture, with the coconut date naan bread, I can’t believe it’s not wheat! For dessert you’ll get caramelized fruit kebab assortment of mango, pineapple, strawberry, and cantaloupe – a delectable way to end this 3-course meal.




Sankara Special


Our favourite of the evening was the Sankara Special. Both the main course and dessert get 5 stars from us in terms of flavour, creativity and presentation! The ackee sushi was a sure hit of the evening, a vegan interpretation of soy sauce was more than a surprise for your taste buds with a big slap of heat exploding in your mouth. If you’re not a big fan of peppers don’t worry, the ackee sushi is equally as piquant without it. The vegan cheesecake was something new to the team, and it was certainly an interesting interpretation of cheesecake. The sorrel flavours and crust really gave this cheesecake the essence that one is accustomed to with non-vegan cheesecake.


We’re really excited about Kushite’s Restaurant Week menu and we know you are too. So what are you waiting for? Dig in! 

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  1. Love everything about this restuarant – the staff, the ambiance, and not to mention the food! Sadly I haven’t yet tried the dishes listed here but from my experience, I have no doubt that they were awesome.


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