Tamarind Indian Cuisine – #RWJA2017

Restaurant Week 2017 has taken us around the world in just under 7 days – including an evening in India. Okay, so we didn’t really go to India but we were pretty close! Every visit to Tamarind Indian Cuisine is a noteworthy experience and this one was no different. Our servers were very polite and made us feel right at home all night.


Let’s get right into the appetizers!


Veg Platter
Combination of mushroom salt and pepper, grilled broccoli and veg samosa


You don’t have to be a huge lover of veggies to appreciate this platter. It features just the right portions to get you warmed up for the main course to come. The samosas were divine! Their deliciously crispy outer shell & warm savory filling hit the spot! No mushroom was left behind on our plate as they were too tasty to resist.


Continental Platter
Combination of chicken satay, stuffed mushrooms and honey chilli shrimps


Get your taste buds ready for a roller coaster ride when you dig into this platter! From the spices and savory sauce of the succulent shrimp to the chewiness of the stuffed mushrooms – each item brings something different to the table.


Main Courses


Ginger Honey Fish



This entree stays true to its name, giving you simultaneously distinct flavors of tangy ginger and sweet honey. The fish showered in this ginger honey sauce was quite a delicate balance and was seasoned all the way through making for a most pleasurable entree.

Green Thai Curry Shrimp

Who doesn’t love some rich Thai Curry to spice up their life? Tamarind’s execution of the coconut-like spicy curry paired with the perfectly steamed broccoli bits and the aroma of the basil really made this entree enjoyable. The shrimp added a crunchy element and was cooked to perfection.


Penne Pasta-In Pink/White/Red Sauce
With either chicken, shrimp or bacon


Life lesson: when given the option to have bacon in any dish, say yes! We tried the penne pasta in white sauce with bacon, and we are glad we did. The first bite was an out-of body experience! We were a little worried about the texture of the bacon, but Tamarind’s kitchen staff had it under control. The bacon was tender and smoky, and was an excellent accompaniment for the pasta.




Chocolate Cake


This chocolate cake is perfect for any chocolate addict – triple the chocolate and more to love! This is definitely the moistest chocolate cake you’ll ever have. You can’t have just one slice!




If you want to step outside of the realm of normal dessert options, Tiramisu is for you. A lot of sweetness with a little kick from the espresso that you’ll appreciate.


We loved our time with the accommodating staff at Tamarind Indian Cuisine – and we’re sure you will too – and we can’t wait for you to try out these amazing dishes. How do you say “tasty” in Hindi?




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