After a week of delightful, tasty travels our restaurant week journey ends on a not so high note at Rib Kage at The Serengeti Bistro. In comparison to our previous stops, Rib Kage’s restaurant week menu was unfortunately the least interesting. With only two appetizer options, much was left to be desired.  Your options would have been limited to their soup of the day & crunchy plantain with an ackee dip. Imagine dining out for the most epic week of the year and not getting excited when handed a menu.



Nonetheless, we tried the crunchy plantain with ackee dip which was presented as ackee and a smokey red herring flavor atop a fried green plantain base. It really was nothing to phone home about but if you’re a green plantain fan, you might just like it! 


Second up on the menu was their Oak Barrel Salmon. This was served up with a single baked potato accompanied by coleslaw. The salmon was perched on a rectangular piece of oak wood (hence the dish’s name) and was nicely flavored and done to textured perfection. After buttering up our piping hot potatoes and pairing pieces of salmon with coleslaw, the dish got a whole lot more interesting.


Then there were the ribs! We’re usually always excited about the ribs but this rack was not packing the punch. Rib Kage’s half rack of ribs were a tender and tasty but nothing to remember after you’ve swallowed. If you’re a rib lover and you don’t mind the average flavor, you can definitely hop over.

Next on up! Fire kissed herb grilled shrimp. How about shrimp tossed in butter and served up on skewers garnished with a light dusting of what appeared to be basil.


Lastly, there was dessert which was ultimately a disappointment.  We were told that there was only one dessert option and when it was unveiled, it was Bread Pudding. Now, Bread Pudding is an okay dessert but nothing set this one apart.


For this restaurant week menu, you either need to be a seafood enthusiast or a pork lover. Either way, your options are few unless of course you order from the main menu. Noticed we only mentioned the sides for one dish? That’s because all our meals were served with the same sides so we really have nothing much to get you guys excited.

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